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Name: Emma
Add:NO.10,Xintang Rd.,Wulian Village,Fenggang Town,Dongguan City,Guangdong
Taiwan: Name:Jamie
Add:1F,No.4,Lane 35,Renmei Rd.,Dali
District,Taichung City,Taiwan(R.O.C)
Bao Li Weft Knitting Co.,Ltd
Bao Li Weft Knit Textile Co. has invested US$400,000 to focus on the development and production of green products, offering customers recycled PET products, anti-moisture Coolplus mesh, anti-bacterial bamboo fiber products and others. Bao Li Weaving Co. Ltd. has a strong development team, which reduces the customer's minimum order quantity, enabling them to meet customer demand for small quantities with fast production times.

Xing Chang Factory, Guang Xi.
In order to meet the production needs of "shoe giant” Stella Group, the company has invested US$1,000,000 in building the Chang’an factory and Guangxi Xing Chang factory, which are equipped with a total of 21 post-processing machines, offering customers located in Guangxi faster, more attentive service.

Guan Jie Dyeing factory
The Guan Jie Dye Factory has invested US$500,000 on dye vat equipment from Li Xin, Hong Kong to meet the stringent color requirements of customers. The factory’s 12 large vats have reduced production time down to just 12 days and sample development time to just three to five days.

Alliance Partners:
Wu Lun Warp Knitting Factory

Founded in 2002, Huizhou based Wu Lun Warp Knit Textile owns a total of 12 warp knitting machines and 8 weft machines. Monthly production capacity is up to 150 tons. Their rich patterns and strong R & D capability meet the changing needs of modern customers.

Alliance Partners:
An Shun Recycled PET Yarn factory

The Anshun Recycled PET Yarn factory based in Hangzhou offers stable prices and high quality products through their cost control measures, providing the Group with a strong foundation for the finished product.

Alliance Partners:
Ding Xiang Airmesh Knitting factory

The Ding Xiang Air-Mesh Textile Factory located in Dong guan has made US$1,600,000 purchase of five double-needle bed warp knitting machines. Their high efficiency and rich variety of weavings can meet changing fashion trends.
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